You’re probably wondering how it all works…where will the money go? Well that depends on how much we raise.


Money raised will go to art supplies and material for artists, any booking fees for V.I. P. artists, hotel and travel for artists, any legal fees, the cost for securing locations for the artist to use as their canvasses, hiring vendors for 3D Projection Mapping, renting billboards and billboard trucks, project management and logistical support to make all this come together in as many U.S. states and territories as possible. In short-it will make this dream become a reality.


Let’s put it this way…The more we raise the more we can do. More money equals more artwork more messaging in many different locations in the United States and beyond. The more our message can be heard the bigger impact we will have in this election.


This artwork, this movement, this march can truly impact our democracy. We will fight back and show Donald J. Trump we are stronger than his words, we are louder than his hate. We will hit Trump where he will feel it the most. No, we’re not talking about his checkbook, we are talking about his ego. The genius of this campaign is simply this…using his own words against him. It’s his words, his tweets, that will be a consistent visual reminder on why it’s so important to vote in this election. We want people to get out there and vote. We want them to influence others to vote. We know our younger audience loves artistic visual messaging and when they get out and vote America wins. They came out for Obama and they will see this artwork and come out again.


Our focus will not just be to put giant murals up in metropolitan urban areas it will be something much more far reaching than that. Imagine if you are one of his voters or on the fence about voting for him, that’s where a digital truck billboard comes driving in to rural areas or small towns blasting one of his outrageous quotes with his audio. Image a billboard truck driving right outside his southern White House, Mar-a-Lago. Not only will that piss him off it will show his voters the chink in his armor.


Louder than hate is the blueprint on how we will all win in November. Let’s say that again…Louder than hate is a blueprint on how we will win in November. WE don’t want to just beat Donald we want to win in a landslide. Anything less he will try to contest this election.When all this artwork is released on one Day, October 24th and we protest in great numbers all the major networks, cable networks, news publication, blogs will run with this story. It will be the momentum we need going into the voting booths. We want to bring LGBTQ communities, BLM, environmentalists, feminists, human and animal rights activists, young people who are sick and tired of what is going on in White House, and republicans together on this day. One People, one voice, one march, one election.


The goal isn’t to fund this campaign it’s to overfund it. With overfunding we can produce more art installations.  :30 broadcast ads that we already have written targeting different demographics to issues that matter to them with his quotes driving those ads. We can use funding to make a documentary about the undertaking of this project with interviews from artists, celebrities, donors, and the team behind this.


Overfunding is crucial because it makes sure we can form a non-profit in the future to take on similar issues and similar causes. This is just the beginning of our work.